Real estate loan with current consumer credit

Real estate loan with current consumer credit



Several solutions are possible when a household wishes to take out a mortgage with one or more consumer loans being repaid. Explanations.

Become a homeowner with current consumer loans

Become a homeowner with current consumer loans

Buying a home is one of the important projects in the life of people and many people dream of buying their ideal house or the apartment of their dream. To make this expensive project a reality, many households start to save very early in order to provide a personal contribution when taking out a mortgage with a bank or a banking intermediary.

However, many also have purchased consumer goods with the help of a consumer loan, in particular with the aim of buying a new or used car, household equipment or specific services such as a trip or a trip. wedding. The repayment of the monthly payments of one or more consumer loans can then slow down the household’s real estate project if the debt ratio is considered too high by the lending establishments.

Indeed, it is possible for a borrower who has current consumer loans, to be able to subscribe to new financing in order to buy a house, an apartment or build his own housing. However, if the calculation of the percentage of household debts after the release of funds is above the usual threshold (33%), then the credit institution will not grant the new financing and in this specific case, the household has another solution that allows him to include a mortgage in a consumer loan: the repurchase of credits.

Loan repurchase: mortgage with consumer credit

Loan repurchase: mortgage with consumer creditLoan repurchase: mortgage with consumer credit

Conventional mortgage is not the only solution to become the owner of your home, especially if the household is paying off one or more monthly payments. It is quite possible to turn to a banking intermediary since by using a specialized organization, the household can include a home loan in the repurchase of credits.

This financial transaction will allow the borrower to assemble his consumer loan (s) and an additional sum dedicated to the purchase of housing (primary or secondary residence). By opting for loan consolidation, the new credit will have only one interest rate and will not have to repay a single reduced monthly payment. However, it is necessary to properly review the loan offer with an expert analyst since lengthening the repayment tenure can increase the overall cost of financing.

To benefit from a personalized and free feasibility study, it is recommended to make a loan repurchase simulation, by entering the amount of your current consumer loans and the desired amount to realize your home loan.

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