Prepare your file well for a work loan

Prepare your file well for a work loan

The construction credit allows the necessary renovations to be made to a house. Whether it is to embellish it, enlarge it, make it more comfortable or optimize its energy performance, it is important to prepare your works file well in order to hope to obtain financing.

The stage of constitution of the file deserves all the attentions, whatever the nature of the loan requested. Even if the borrower has the choice between the different forms of work credit available, he should not forget that the ideal credit is the one that best fits his profile and his financial situation.


The documents required to obtain a works credit

The documents required to obtain a works credit

A carefully prepared work credit is already a big step towards obtaining the loan.

Among the documents that must make up this file is:

  1. the deed authentic , intended to justify that the building being the object of works belongs effectively to the borrower. Most of the time it is a title deed or, failing that, an extract from the property tax roll issued by the competent authorities.
  2. You must add to this file for a work credit, copies of the identity cards of debtors or sureties, if they exist.
  3. It is also important to request a quote from the professional responsible for carrying out the planned repairs and attach this document to the file.
  4. To complete the file, the receipts of the borrower’s income, that is to say the last three salary statements accompanied by a bank account statement, must be provided to the bank so that it can define the repayment capacity.
  5. Finally, if there are credits in progress , it is imperative to inform the credit organization by means of a supporting document.


Other advice and recommendations

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To help the borrower to properly prepare his works file and compare the different offers, there are free online simulators including the one we offer on each page of our site . It will allow you to get all the details about your credit, including fees.

In the event that the work to be carried out is significant, the use of the services of an architect is advisable. This can, in fact, collect all the quotes from several providers and offer the best choice. He can also harmonize the various sites to avoid any loss of time and money.

It is also recommended to be present on site as often as possible so that you can react immediately in the event of a problem. You must also remain very vigilant when receiving the work and do not hesitate to make reservations.

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